"Developing a website seemed to be an overwhelming job. It was a new aspect of my marketing job and knowing only the basics about computers made it even more intimidating. How would I convey all the nuances of the good work that we do in this new format?

A professional peer recommended Damon to me. When I told her I was considering launching a website, she suggested I look at her site and gave me Damon's name. I followed through and set up a meeting.

Damon was a great listener and asked me a number of questions about what we wanted and made a number of suggestions. We decided to move forward and within days he was emailing me information, suggestions, more questions and new ideas that really got me excited about the project. We put together just a fantastic website that I am confident conveys a comprehensive picture of our community. My confidence comes from the numerous comments and compliments that I have received over the last four years from our customers.

Now we are looking at updating our website. Our organization has made some changes that we would like to showcase. I am looking forward to working with Damon once again in showcasing our good works in the world of cyberspace."

Lori Maxwell
Assistant Administrator, 75 State Street


“People rave about the Good Theater website...and for good reason. It’s great! We provide the photos and raw material, but DroneWorks makes it look truly amazing.”

Steven Underwood
Good Theater Production Manager/Co-Founder


"Working in the movie, news and public relations worlds, Damon Miller and DroneWorks have made our work a lot easier and more efficient. Damon designed both our websites and did a fantastic job designing print components of our DVD and posters for the 2011 movie 'Gangsterland.'  Damon and DroneWorks have been there every step of the way, guiding us into the age of technology with incredible wisdom and tenacious work ethic. I would recommend DroneWorks Media Services to anyone starting an Internet-based business, needing print design, or those who need experienced consultation." 

Bick and Cynthia Schreiner Smith
CyBick Creative


"Damon from DroneWorks helped us customize our website to RiverMead's target audience. We wanted the website to be easy to use, informative and create a picture of what RiverMead is all about. Damon helped us create a relevant and up-to-date website that reflects the lifestyle of RiverMead. We made many changes and tweaks along the way and Damon was able to patiently keep up and offer helpful suggestions. It is comforting to know that he will be available for changes and we will definitely work with him in the future."

Jan Eaton
Director of Marketing and Resident Services, RiverMead

"Damon worked one on one with me to create the website that I wanted! He took what was in my head and made it real! His professionalism and creativity gives his work that extra edge and polish you need to stand out."

Ellen Domingos
Actress, Model, Performer


"DroneWorks has been a huge asset to the Toy Library. With Damon's expertise in design, professionalism, great attitude and knowledge of our target audience our website is a huge hit. He came to The Toy Library took great pictures and had them online right away. He continues to make great suggestions. Thank You Damon for being prompt and eager to help."

Angela Saltis
President, The Toy Library, A Place for Kids


"On behalf of the Maine Transportation Safety Coalition (MTSC) and myself, thank you for the wonderful job you have done on the MTSC web page"

Rick Urban
MTSC Chair