About DroneWorks

Since its beginning in January, 2000, DroneWorks has been owned and operated by Damon Miller, a qualified professional with over 18 years experience in designing creative websites for corporations, restaurants, retirement communities, non-profit organizations, artisans, and entertainers from across the United States. The successful longevity of DroneWorks speaks for itself. The majority of new customers come from referrals from our existing customer base.

Damon also has 30 years of extensive experience in television production with many creative awards to his credit. He also has been an avid photographer for 36 years and provides such service to many customers for their media marketing needs.

Damon’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing and an Associate’s degree in Small Business Management. He maintains his knowledge of industry change, technological edge, and his media skill level with ongoing course work in website design, image editing software, and animation.

photo of Damon